Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking
Saturnina & Artur Homan

I have viewed "Rhythms of Nature" with great pleasure.
A lovely place, beautifully filmed

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough
This film is going to be a rediscovery and the beginning
of the Barycz Valley's adventures on worldwide stage

Adam Wajrak, a naturalist

Adam Wajrak
Very, very interesting movie, hats off.
Waiting for the new series. Congratulations.

Sergey Gorshkov, a wildlife photographer

Sergey Gorshkov and Artur Homan
Great pictures, accurate assembly and attention to details. The film includes rarely seen scenes from the life of animals - it is the result of hundreds of hours spent by the authors of the film on observing nature of Barycz valley.

Andrzej Dyrcz, a professor for Animal Ecology

Andrzej Dyrcz

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